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          John and Jeri Trujillo got started in goats when they received 2 goats as a wedding present.  Laughing and crying came as we first tried to milk a goat.    Since then hundreds of goats  have been raised and milked and loved.  Our daughter, Sarah  and her son Mason showed in 4-H .   Johnnie, our grandson has taken over the herds with 6 1/2 year old Lucius not far behind.  Mason has developed a herd of beautiful Alpines which was left for Johnnie when Mason went to college and Johnnie has continued in Jeri's pride with the Nubians.  

        Not only does Johnnie show their goats but he believes in the great nutritional value of the products that we receive from their goats.  We use the goat milk to produce fudge, hot fudge sauce, basic cheese (ricotta and goat chesses) soap, and lotion.

          We strive to create products that are nutritious and taste delightful, so that you may enjoy our goats as we do.

The benefits of  goat milk products are many:

  • For soaps and lotions - goat milk contains a natural ingredient, alpha hydroxy acid, which is known to exfoliate old skin cells.
  • Goat milk makes a very gentle soap for even the most sensitive skins. (Ours has been used by nurses and doctors and they say it does not dry out the skin but actually moisturizes it).
  • Goat milk is rich in butterfat, making it wonderful for softening and moisturizing our skin and in fudge, helps to create the rich creamy taste.
  • Goat milk is naturally homogenized which allows the creation of super creamy and rich fudge. 

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